Clubs and Workshops

Lunchtime Activities

During lunchtime (12.55pm - 1.55pm) on Wednesdays, the Hive team runs various activities in the Collaborative Zone of the Senior Library. These are open to all Senior students, and unless otherwise stated, registration is not required - simply stop by and join in!

Keep an eye out for our promotional posters for new and upcoming activities.

Enterprise Club

After a roaring success during the Christmas Fair 2018, the E-club became a permanent CCA.

With the supervision and guidance from us, students create upcycled products for sale during the PTA Summer Fete and Christmas Faire. Proceeds from these sales has gone to World Wide Fund for Nature charity and Lendwithcare.

Upcycled Accessories






Learn skills like quilling, sewing, cardmaking and knotting while making the following items:

  • Head / Hairband
  • Keychain pouch
  • Cards & quilling
  • Bookmark making

Upcycled bags






Learn to sew while making different types of bags such as:

  • Summer backpack
  • Tote bags
  • Lunch bags
  • Sea-shell collecting bags (kids)

Upcycled pouches






Learn to sew while making different types of pouches such as:

  • Armband pouch for phone
  • Splash-proof pouches
  • Sunglass pouch
  • Pencil case
  • Coin purse

Suggest a workshop

Have any workshop ideas of your own? Please send an email to the Hive team.