Readers’ Cup 2021

*Tanglin Readers’ Cup 2021 Parentwise Video*

Click here for Year 5/6 Shortlist

Click here for Year 3/4 Shortlist

The Readers’ Cup books are available to borrow from the Tanglin Junior Library or as an ebook on the Sora app. The children have been shown how to reserve the titles.

Alternatively, if you wish to purchase your own copies to keep, they are available from our local bookseller, Denise Tan, Closetful of Books. Please scan the QR code below to order and the books will be delivered to your child in school.

What is the Readers’ Cup?

The Readers’ Cup is our annual book award and reading competition. It is open to all children in the Junior School who wish to participate and share a love of reading.

Frequently asked questions:

Who chooses the books for the Readers’ Cup Competition?

This is a collaboration between the Teacher-Librarian, Junior Library Team and Junior School Library Reps. Many longlisted books are International Award Winning books.

How can my parents find out about the competition?

Please show them this information page. We will also have a Readers’ Cup Information Meeting for parents. This will be held on 12 January 2021, 8am and 3.30pm and advertised on the TTS Portal Parentwise at the end of this term.

How do I take part in the Readers’ Cup?

  1. Ask friends to make a team of 4-6 students. Stick to your team. No swapping once you commit!
  2. Think of a great name for your team. Collaborate!
  3. Start reading the extracts.
  4. Once everyone has voted for their favourite longlisted books, a shortlist will be announced. You may then share out the reading of the books amongst team members.
  5. One copy of everything will stay in the library. In addition, many titles are available online on Sora.

How is the competition organised? Warning – lots of detail…

There are 2 rounds in the competition:

  • The Preliminary Round: in this round, all teams answer questions about the books on the younger readers’ short list or the older readers’ shortlist depending on their year group. There are 5 questions on each book. The questions are all written in a booklet and each team is given one booklet for the competition. The questions are also displayed on the screen in the classrooms and the teacher reads each question out loud before the team writes their answers. The Teacher Librarian marks the answer sheets and the two winning teams from each year group go through to the finals.
  • The Finals: For the final two teams in the competition, the questions are put up on the screen and the teams record their answers on a whiteboard which they hold up, when asked to do so, to show their answers. The answers are also shown on the screen after the teams have shown their answers. The Teacher-Librarian acts as the overall judge and decides if an answer is worthy of a full point or a half point. The Head of School and Deputy Heads of School host these live events.

In the competition we ask questions about each book, for example we may ask questions about:

– the characters

– the plot

– the pictures

– the author/illustrator

– the information in the book if it is a non-fiction book

What are the prizes?

Please remember what’s important about the competition is that you are having fun with your friends and reading lots of outstanding books. The prizes are not the focus of the competition but they are a way of acknowledging and rewarding the hard work and effort the contestants have put into the competition. The prizes sometimes vary from year to year but in general they follow the guidelines below:

  • All children entering the Readers’ Cup competition receive a small prize of participation e.g a pen or eraser.
  • The winners and runners up each receive Readers’ Cup 2021 engraved medals.
  • The overall winners of both the younger and older categories receive an individual Readers’ Cup. The large Readers’ Cup remains in school and the winners names are engraved on this.

Remember… it’s all about having fun and reading wonderful books!

If you have any additional questions about The Readers’ Cup, please fill in the form below. We aim to reply within 24 hours.