The Collaborative Zone aims to promote teamwork and allow students to work together. The tables can be configured for small groups to sit together to work on projects; three conference tables are available for booking with screens that can be connected to devices for screen sharing; and markers are available for brainstorming on the glass walls.

Visit this page to learn more about what resources are available, and how to use them.

This zone consists of four mini spaces /sections that offer services and activities to our students, faculty, staff and parents.

These sections are:

  • Builders’ Block
  • Designers’ Section
  • Explorers’ Corner
  • the main Makerspace

Builders' Block

The Builders’ Block is a area for our makers to start exploring with a handful of LEGO bricks and begin to create, construct, test, build and modify.

Designers' Section

The Designers’ Section is an extension of our makerspace that focuses on textile, fabric & leather crafts. It aims to perk the interest of sewing and fashion for students and teachers.

Explorers' Corner

The Explorers’ Corner is a space dedicated to encouraging social interaction. It provides varities of board games for students to engage and learn in a fun environment.


The Hive, is the Senior Library’s makerspace. A creative prototyping workspace which contains equipment, materials and resources to promote creating, experimenting, hands-on learning, inventing and tinkering to makers.

What is a Makerspace?