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The Study Zone is a silent area for self-study. Staff and students are welcome to use the PCs for work, to browse our non-fiction collections, or simply to work in silence at the desks in the zone.

Students are more than welcome to approach any of our staff for assistance, especially in areas related to research such as referencing, citations, or even looking up reference materials for a project.


In addition to the general non-fiction collection, the Senior Library also houses several special collections. Users may notice that books within the general collection occasionally have spine labels on the top of the books with  the words “Reading for Edge”, “TOK”, “SG”, or others.

Reading For Edge Collection

The Reading For Edge collection contains books that go beyond the curriculum, and are labelled according to subjects students may wish to pursue at university. See the RFE reading list here.

Theory of Knowledge (T.O.K) Collection

The Theory of Knowledge curriculum spans across various subject lines, including Philosophy, Science, Technology, Art, and more. The T.O.K special collection houses a curated collection of books from relevant subject areas to make a good starting point for students to explore these areas of study.

Additional special collections

Other special collections include our travel guides section and the Singapore collection, which contains books about history, art, culture, politics, nature, and much more.