Ask for Research Help

Ask for Research Help

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Contact a Reference Librarian


Katie Day
Head of Senior Library

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Fiction recommendations
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EE & EPQ Research

Ekta Nansi
Assistant Librarian

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Graphic novels
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Nadiyah Yahya
Library Officer

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The best places to eat in Singapore

Lenny Essni
Library Officer

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My ZZ plant

Request a Research Resource

You can request a variety of physical and digital resources from the Senior Library:

  • Purchase of books or digital resources: To suggest a new resource for the library, please fill out this form. (Purchasing decisions are ultimately dependent upon availability and adherence to the library’s collection development policies.)
  • Book boxes: To request a curated collection of non-fiction books and other print resources for your classroom or department, please email the Reference Team.
  • Research guides: To request a research guide for a specific subject area, research project, or a particular topic, please email the Reference Team. Existing research guides can be found here.

For any other requests, email the Reference Team.

Inter-Library Loan

Students and staff should email a member of the Senior Library team or stop by the library to request an inter-library loan item.

Inter-Library Loan is a service that helps current members of the Tanglin community access reference and research materials not available at the Tanglin Libraries.

The library has a co-operative arrangement with other libraries in Singapore, including:

If the item you want is widely available and you feel it should be part of the Senior Library collection, please fill out this form to suggest a purchase.