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    • Books, DVDs and print journals: Use the search box at the bottom of the page to find books and media from the Tanglin libraries or use your school username and password to login to your library account here.
    • Newspapers and Magazines: The Senior Library subscribes to a wide range of newspapers and magazines, including a full online archive of the Philip Allan magazines. A full list is available here. Past issues may be borrowed from the Senior Library. Usernames and passwords for online periodicals can be found here.
    • Pressreader: To use Pressreader, an online collection of more than 7000 full-text newspapers and magazines, access the site or app while connected to the school network. To access from home, log in via OpenAthens.
    • Streaming video: The senior library subscribes to Kanopy (access via OpenAthens), an online collection of over 30,000 thoughtful films including independent movies, classics, world cinema, documentaries, educational films and more. Due to rating and licensing issues, the full range of films is only accessible to sixth form students and members of staff. If you would like to know more about Kanopy or have questions on how to access the collections, please email the library to learn more.
    • E-Books and Audiobooks: Staff may borrow up to three e-books or audiobooks for a period of two weeks from Overdrive using their school username and password.

    Email the Senior Library Team or stop by the library if you have any questions about any of these resources. To suggest a library purchase, please fill out this form.

Click to access reading lists for:

Find additional reading lists here.

The Senior Library subscribes to several databases, including:

  • Encyclopedia Britannica (Key Stage 3): A general-purpose encyclopedia with built-in differentiated reading levels
  • EBSCO Host (Key Stage 4 and up): An extensive archive of newspaper, magazine, and academic articles
  • JSTOR (6th Form): An extensive archive of academic journal articles
  • ProQuest (6th Form): A large collection of journals, databases, and ebook resources

Most of these resources can be accessed without a username and password when you are connected to the school network. Usernames and passwords for off-site access for all of the databases can be found here.

More information about using the databases is available in this guide.

To request a research guide for a specific topic to be covered in class, please email the Library Reference Team or simply drop by the library.

The Senior Library already has an extensive collection of research guides on a variety of topics related to research, reading, and supporting the curriculum, such as:

Find all of our research guides at

Please use the links below to access information and resources related to the EE, the EPQ, citations, and academic honesty:

Please email the Library Reference Team or stop by the library if you would like assistance or to schedule a library visit or classroom session.

How do I…?

To make a booking for any library space, visit this booking link.

The Senior Library has several separate spaces for student and staff use:

  • The Interactive Zone includes a horseshoe presentation area for up to 50 students.
  • The Study Zone has 40 PCs; half of which can be booked for student use during classes.
  • The Collaborative Zone can be booked out for presentations for up to 50 students and also has three bookable interactive conference tables.
  • The Hive, a makerspace within the collaborative zone, can be booked for student or staff activities. Email the Collaborative Zone Team for more information.
  • At the beginning of the school year: A schedule will be emailed to tutors to book a slot for textbook collection as a class.
  • After the first three weeks of Term 1 (independent collection): Students can come independently to the textbook room to borrow, return, or exchange textbooks. The textbook room is open for students during break (10.20am to 10.50am), lunchtime (12:55pm to 1:55pm), and after school from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.
  • The rest of the school year (collection as a class): Please email the Library Textbook Team to confirm a date and time so we can have the books ready for them.

To request a list of the titles and number of copies of textbooks for your subject area, please email the Library Textbook Team.


You can request a variety of physical and digital resources from the Senior Library:

  • Purchase of books or digital resources: To suggest a new purchase for the library, please fill out this form. (Purchasing decisions are ultimately dependent upon availability and adherence to the library’s collection development policies).
  • Book boxes: To request a curated collection of books and other print resources for your classroom or department, please email the Senior Library Team.
  • Research guides: To request a research guide for a specific subject area, research project, or a particular topic, please email the Library Reference Team. Existing research guides can be found here.
  • Learning support: To request audiobooks, RNIB bookshare resources, or other learning support materials, please email the Senior Library Team. Existing audiobooks can be found on Overdrive and accessed with your school username and password.

For any other requests, email the Senior Library Team.

You can reach the Senior Library team by:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 6770 3554
  • In person: From 7:30am to 6:00pm during term time or 8:30am to 4:30pm during term breaks (excluding weekends and public holidays)


Databases and magazines: Usernames and passwords for off-site access to online resources. If you are looking for staff/admin access for a specific resource, please email the library staff.

Library account: To see what items you have out on loan, check due dates, and view your borrowing history, log in with your school username and password.

Overdrive (e-book and audiobook library): Log in with your school username and password.

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